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Item 0704G BALANCE - Sartorius CP8201


Sartorius CP8201 toploading balance

The Sartorius CP8201 features an easy-to-read backlit display with especially large digits (0.65 in); monolithic weigh cell technology that is rugged, precise, and reliable; integrated mechanical components that effectively protect the weigh cell from overloading or impact against the sides of the weighing pan; rugged housing construction and use of housing materials that are highly resistant to chemicals – as a result, the balance can stand up to tough daily use; RS-232 serial interface port; ISO/GLP-compliant logging of calibration, adjustment and weighing data using an optional data printer or a PC; a large weighing pan; four digital filter levels allow the balance to be optimally adapted to the particular ambient conditions at the place of installation; built-in application programs including counting, weighing in %, net-total formulation, animal weighing, mass unit conversion by toggling between 2 units.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test balances to insure repeatability, correct cornerload tolerances, linearity, and reduced span at or near full capacity. We also test all displays and controls as well as any other features that are included, such as auto-calibration and draft shield auto-retraction, to make sure the balances are fully operational.  

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0704G BALANCE  -   Sartorius CP8201

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