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Item 1238R CELL - Magnet Physik Magnetizer

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1238R CELL

Magnet-Physik Impulse Magnetizer

The Magnet-Physik K-Series offers proven quality in compact design. Operation of magnetization equipment in a 24 hour / seven day a week industrial environment requires only the best design and components. The K-series magnetizer uses a 2000 Volt magnetization technique. The combination of 2000 V with medium capacitors allows for moderate magnetization impulses. This allows the magnetization field to better penetrate the surrounding steel components of an assembly. This gives more magnetization field in the magnets with lower losses in the steel. Its maximum energy of 10000 Ws meets a wide range of magnetization tasks, including:

· Medium sized Rotors with rare earth magnets

· Production of high magnetic fields in axial coils

· Motor magnetization with 2 or more internal poles

· Production of low-frequent magnetic fields for demagnetization · Deep-drawn steel parts with injection molded ferrites

Please note that this unit is being sold as is without a PC or software, and no warranty. 

Want to view a video of this unit? Click Here to see the Magnet-Physik Impulse Magnetizer on the American Instrument Exchange YouTube channel. 


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1238R CELL  -   Magnet Physik Magnetizer

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