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Item 1376 CENTRI - Beckman SW-50.1 ultra rotor


Beckman Coulter Type SW 50.1 swinging bucket rotor

The Beckman Coulter SW 50.1 ultracentrifuge rotor is a swinging bucket rotor most frequently used for isopycnic or rate zonal density gradient separations. This rotor comes equipped with 6 tubes which each have a capacity of 5ml. The bucket and rotor body positions are numbered for operator convenience. Buckets swing at a 90o angle when spinning.

We can provide customers with a full copy of the operator’s manual for the Beckman Coulter Type SW 50.1 rotor.

Our technicians inspect all rotors, including any buckets, gaskets and overspeed disks. Fixed angle rotors are closely inspected for body integrity; swinging bucket rotors supplied with buckets are checked for proper weight distribution. When possible we run each rotor in a compatible centrifuge to make sure the rotor spins properly.

Beckman Coulter Type SW 50.1 rotor specifications

Speed Range

to 50,000 rpm


6 x 5ml


Beckman Class A, B, D, F, G, Q, R, S centrifuges

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1376 CENTRI  -   Beckman SW-50.1 ultra rotor

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