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Item 1983B DNA - Techne Genius FGEN05TP

1983B DNA

"Techne Genius model FGEN05TP thermal cycler. Speed: a 30 cycle program can be completed in well under an hour, freeing the instrument for several PCR runs in day. Perormance: Comes complete with a heated lid and is designed to reduce refluxing of the sample on to the lid and side walls of the sample tube. A spring device in the lid ensures contact is made with all sample tubes and self adjusts to suit different tube sizes. Versatility: Truly user friendly interchangeable block system which allows blocks to be changed from one type to another in a matter of seconds without the need of tools. Please call or email us today for pricing and additional information on this Techne Genius model FGEN05TP thermal cycler."

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1983B DNA  -   Techne Genius FGEN05TP

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