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Item 3177J INC - Thermo 3310 Steri-Cult CO2

3177J INC

Thermo 3310 SteriCult CO2 incubator

The Thermo 3310 SteriCult CO2 incubator is ideal for cell culture work. The Thermo 3310 SteriCult features integral 140°C high-temperature sterilization function that simplifies cleaning protocols and optimized airflow system that does not interfere with samples or incubator function, as well as in-chamber HEPA air filtration continuously removes particulates for Class 100 quality conditions. The Thermo 3310 allows users to carry out high-volume culturing with strict contamination controls. The on-demand 140°C sterilization cycle eliminates contamination from internal surfaces and an audible alarm activates if outer door is opened during the cycle or if temperature reaches 60°C (140°F) or greater. An access code prevents accidental initiation of the cycle.

The in-chamber HEPA air filtration system reduces particulates in the chamber to Class 100 cleanroom levels and preserves the aseptic culturing environment. Even after the chamber door is opened during sample retrieval or addition, the optimized airflow system returns the chamber to Class 100 air quality within five minutes.

The external humidification system reduces the risk of waterborne contamination in the chamber and culture area and allows for simple visual water level monitoring, eliminating the need to open the incubator door and thus further reducing the risk of any contamination of the samples.

Our technicians test CO2 incubators using a calibrated digital chart recorder to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts, as well as using a Fyrite indicator to measure CO2 levels in the chamber. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly prior to shipment..

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Thermo 3310 CO2 Steri-Cult incubator specifications

Disinfection Time: 14 hours total cycle, 140°C

CO2 Concentration Range: 0 to 20%

CO2 Sensor Technology: IR

Humidity Delivery: external reservoir

Relative Humidity: Ambient to 95%, controlled

Temperature Range: 5° to 50°C

Weight: 410 lb.

 CO2 Concentration Control: ±0.1% at 5%

Capacity: 11.4 cu.ft.

Interior Dimensions (D x W x H):  20.6” x 28.8” x 32.8” 


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3177J INC  -   Thermo 3310 Steri-Cult CO2

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