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Item 3696D OVEN - Precision Freas 605 oven

3696D OVEN

Precison Freas High Performance Oven

The Precision Freas high performance model 605 drying oven allows users to conduct drying application with ultra-precise temperature control and stability even at temperatures up to 325oC. The Precision Freas 605 has a highly responsive RTD sensor that provides temperature sensitivity of +/- 0.1oC or better, and very tight temperature uniformity of +/-0.5oC throughout the chamber (measured at 100oC). The stainless steel interior resists staining and cleans easily. A fiberglass door gasket and highly efficient chamber insulation improve efficiency and reduce thermal loss. The heating elements in the Precision Freas 605 are low-density, ensuring longer life than heating elements in a typical drying oven.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test these ovens using a calibrated digital chart recorder to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly prior to shipment.

Precision Freas high performance model 605 drying oven specifications


25”H x 24”L x 38.5”W


13”H x 14”W x 12.9”H


approx 225 lbs.

Electrical Requirements (call to confirm)

120V, 50/60Hz, 20.8 amp

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3696D OVEN  -   Precision Freas 605 oven

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