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Item 4143A PUMP - Rainin Rabbitt Plus w/R4head

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4143A PUMP

Rainin Rabbit Plus peristaltic pump

The Rainin Rabbit Peristaltic Pump is specifically designed for fluid transfer. The rotating head has ten stainless-steel rollers. As the head rotates, five of the rollers press the tubing up against the compression arm, producing flow by peristaltic action. Five rollers constantly in contact with the tubing ensure low pulsation, smooth flow, and high pressure. The Rainin Rabbit incorporates a unique cam design: the adjustment screw does not press the compression arm directly. Instead, turning the adjustment screw moves a cam which applies gradual force to the compression arm. This results in more precise flow control and reduced tubing wear. The Rainin Rabbit peristaltic pump is powered by a high torque stepper motor controlled by a microprocessor.

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4143A PUMP  -   Rainin Rabbitt Plus w/R4head

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