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Item 4169D PUMP - Harvard Apparatus 11 syringe

4169D PUMP

Harvard Apparatus model 11 syringe pump

Harvard Apparatus prides itself on building the most reliable syringe pumps on the market and Harvard Apparatus pumps are quite literally the most popular syringe pumps in the world. You can’t get much more of an endorsement than that.

The Harvard 11 is designed as a low cost, highly precise, single syringe infusion pump capable of low to moderate back pressure. This is the dual syringe Harvard 11 model and can accommodate two syringes from 0.5ul to 10ml. The display and controller are easy to use and view. The Harvard 11 syringe pump can operate continuously in RATE mode or dispense a precise amount of fluid in VOLUME mode.

All or our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test all equipment to confirm that it operates properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. While we can’t test for a specific analytical application, we will do our best to simulate the conditions under which the equipment will be run. If you have particular testing requirements or requests please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure these requirements are addressed during testing.

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4169D PUMP  -   Harvard Apparatus 11 syringe

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