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Item 4759I SCOPE - CoolSNAP HQ2 camera

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CoolSNAP HQ2 camera

The CoolSNAP HQ2 is a fast, high-resolution camera designed for quantitative fluorescence microscopy applications. This cooled CCD camera delivers wide dynamic range with very low noise at both 10 MHz and 20 MHz. Megapixel resolution and small pixel pitch allow imaging of fine detail. The pixels can also be easily binned to improve sensitivity. Advanced interline-transfer CCD technology offers high quantum efficiency, most notably in the near-infrared (NIR) portion of the spectrum. PI's CoolSNAP™ camera systems are specially designed with advanced interline CCDs to deliver high spatial and time resolution. CoolSNAP™ cameras are capable of µsec exposure times and on-chip accumulation (similar to ICCD cameras), making them ideal for time resolved PSP applications. In addition, the CoolSNAP™ HQ can capture a pair of images in the rapid succession required of PIV applications.

This CoolSNAP HQ2 camera is being sold ‘as-is’ working. Customers have a right to return the camera if it is dead-on-arrival or otherwise fully not functional.

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