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Item 4850 SHAKER - Digilab HiGro Microwell

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Digilab Higro Microwell Shaker

This is a uniquely designed incubator shaker and if your facility has high-throughput growth needs this is a model you’ll want to strongly consider. The Digilab Higro is a microwell plate growth system with both incubating and shaking functions along with gas flow and temperature control to accelerate sample growth in microwell plates – ideal for production sequencing and other downstream applications. The plate holding cassette set up allows for easy loading and unloading. The Higro has four growth chambers, each of which holds one plate cassette. Controls for chamber temperature, shaking speed and gas flowrate and timing are located on the front panel. Temperature uniformity is within 0.5oC of setpoint with a variability of 1.3oC across the chambers.

Our technicians test incubators using a calibrated digital chart recorder to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly prior to shipment.

Want to view a video of this unit? Click Here to see the Digilab Higro on the American Instrument Exchange YouTube channel. 


Digilab Higro Microwell  incubator shaker specifications

Exterior WxHxD

26”L x 21”W x 22”H


approx 170lbs

Temperature Range

Ambient +3oC to 55oC

Temperature Resolution


Heating Rate

22oC to 37oC within 55 minutes

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4850 SHAKER  -   Digilab HiGro Microwell

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