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Cell Culture Lab Standard Package

The standard cell culture lab package from American Instrument includes a bio safety cabinet, two centrifuges, a CO2 incubator, a balance, a refrigerator, a freezer, a water bath, an inverted microscope, a cryogenic storage tank, and five pipettors. We can customize this package in several different ways depending on your budget, brand preferences, and other needs. Please note that items offered in each package are subject to availability. We can offer comparable options for any piece of equipment that’s not currently in stock. For more information please call or email us with questions.

Bio safety cabinet options include:


  • 6’ Labconco Purifier Delta Series with stand and new HEPA filters
  • 6’ Nuaire 440-600 with stand and new HEPA filters
  • 6’ Baker SterilGARD SG603 with stand and new HEPA filters

Two chamber stacked CO2 incubator options include:

  • Forma 3110 Series II incubators
  • Nuaire NU-4850 incubators
  • VWR Symphony 5.3A incubators

Benchtop centrifuge options include:


  • Beckman Allegra 6R tabletop centrifuge
  • Eppendorf 5810R tabletop centrifuge
  • Thermo Sorvall RT1 tabletop centrifuge

Floor model centrifuge options include:


  • Sorvall RC 5C Plus floor model centrifuge
  • Beckman J2-MC high speed floor model centrifuge

Lab balance options include:


  • Mettler AG245 analytical balance
  • Mettler AT200 analytical balance
  • Ohaus AP210 analytical balance
  • 20+ cubic foot lab refrigerator
  • 20+ cubic foot lab freezer
  • General purpose heated water bath
  • Cryogenic storage tank
  • 5 pipettors, various volumes

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Cell Culture Standard Lab Package

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