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Item 1266 CENTRI - Beckman Airfuge F4 centrifuge

Beckman Airfuge air-driven centrifuge

  • Maximum Speed: 110,000 rpm
  • Capacity: from 6 x 175uL to 7mL
  • 90 day warranty

We know what you’re thinking – 110,000rpm with a small tabletop centrifuge, that must be a typo, right? Wrong. It’s no typo. This little machine can reach speeds normally associated with floor model ultracentrifuges and can accelerate from a still position to 100k rpms in as little as 30 seconds. The Beckman Airfuge doesn’t use vacuum or high-speed bearings; instead the rotor is supported and spun by streams of air. This handy little machine is designed to provide a rapid method for removing chylomicrons (i.e. fat particles in lipemic samples) and can be used in a lot of other applications: pelleting particles from a large sample, sedimenting particulates from very small volumes on to supports for insertion into an electron microscope, and many more. If you’re looking for a cost effective solution to your small scale ultracentrifugation needs, the Beckman Airfuge definitely deserves your consideration.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test the performance of all centrifuges and make sure the rotating assembly is properly balanced; the bearings, seals and gaskets on the spindle assembly are in good shape; and the controls work properly. If the centrifuge is refrigerated we also test to make sure that the machine reaches and hold temperature properly. All tolerances are measured and the exterior and interior of all units are fully cleaned. If the unit is being purchased with a rotor we test the rotor/centrifuge combination together.

Beckman Airfuge air-driven centrifuge specifications

Speed range

0 to 110,000rpm (199,000 x g)



Air pressure for ultra operation

30 psig


11”W x 15”D x 8”H


Approx 25lbs

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1266 CENTRI   -   Beckman Airfuge F4 centrifuge

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