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Item 1376B CENTRI - Beckman VTi 90 vertical rotor

Beckman Coulter VTi90 vertical tube Rotor

  • Maximum speed: 90,000 rpm
  • 8 x 5.1mL capacity
  • For use in Beckman centrifuges classified H, R, S
  • Max RCF: 645,000 x g
  • 90 day warranty

The Beckman VTi90 is designed to spin up to eight tubes in a vertical position in Beckman class H, R, and S preparative ultracentrifuges. The Beckman VTi90 develops centrifugal force to efficiently band DNA or isolate proteins on density gradients. Made of titanium and finished with black polyurethane paint, the Beckman VTi90 is both stronger and more resistant to chemicals than either aluminum composite or fiber composite rotors. A tube spacer and hex-cavity plug hold each tube in the rotor while spinning and a plug gasket forms a closure around each plug. The Beckman VTi90 has a capacity of 8 x 5.1mL and a maximum speed of 90,000rpm.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians inspect all rotors, including any buckets, gaskets and overspeed disks. Fixed angle rotors are closely inspected for body integrity; swinging bucket rotors supplied with buckets are checked for proper weight distribution. When possible we run each rotor in a compatible centrifuge to make sure the rotor spins properly.


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1376B CENTRI   -   Beckman VTi 90 vertical rotor

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