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Item 1394C CENTRI - Sorvall SS34 high speed rotor

Sorvall SS-34 fixed angle rotor

  • Compatible with Sorvall RC6 Plus and Evolution RC Superspeed centrifuges
  • Maximum speed: 25,000 rpm
  • 8 x 50mL capacity
  • Max RCF: 50,228 x g
  • 90 day warranty

The Sorvall SS-34 fixed angle rotors can be used for multi-liter cell harvesting, the collection of cell-free growth media. In addition to the RC6 Plus and Evolution RC Superspeed the Sorvall SS-34 can also be used with older Sorvall RC-5B, RC-5C and RC-5C Plus floor model centrifuges.

Our technicians inspect all rotors, including any buckets, gaskets and overspeed disks. Fixed angle rotors are closely inspected for body integrity; swinging bucket rotors supplied with buckets are checked for proper weight distribution. When possible we run each rotor in a compatible centrifuge to make sure the rotor spins properly.

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1394C CENTRI   -   Sorvall SS34 high speed rotor

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