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Item 1463E CHROM - Amersham AKTA Prime as is

AKTA Prime

  • Fraction size: 0.05 – 100mL, 0.001mL increments
  • Max flow rate 100mL/minute

AKTA Prime is a lab-scale chromatography system that performs simple purifications of tagged and untagged proteins as well as antibodies. The AKTA Prime is a compact one-step lab-scale protein purification system. For reliability and convenience, HiTrap, HiPrep, or HiLoad columns that simply snap on to the side of the unit. The system has preprogrammed methods for typical applications such as purification of affinity tagged proteins, MAbs and sample clean-up. The AKTA Prime system can be used for more general purification tasks such as buffer exchange, gel filtration, ion exchange, HIC, and affinity chromatography.

Please note that this unit is being sold as is, with no testing or warranty. Please call for more details.


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1463E CHROM   -   Amersham AKTA Prime as is

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