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Item 1609 CL BENCH - 4' Baker 4320 Edgegard

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Baker Edgegard EG4320 laminar flow clean bench

  • Class 100, ISO Class 5 air cleanliness standard
  • 4’ wide (50” exterior, 46.5” work surface)
  • Laminar flow clean bench
  • Includes HEPA filters
  • 90 day warranty

Baker Edgegard clean benches are always in demand. The Baker Edgegard EG4320 assures product protection and is used in pharmaceutical production, research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, aerospace, bioscience, food processing, hospitals, and other research and production environments. Clean benches assure product protection by ensuring that work done on the bench is exposed only to HEPA filtered air. The Baker EG4320s motor draws air through the lower front panel and sidewall section slots. Then the pre-filter traps dust and large particles, after which the air travels through a HEPA filter at an average velocity of 100 fpm before being directed horizontally across the work surface. We provide filters for all our clean benches, including this Baker EG4320.

The Baker Edgegard EG4320 is very similar to the EG4252 model, with one significant difference: more vertical working room. The Baker EG4320 model offers an additional 6” of vertical clearance in the working area as compared to the EG4252.

Our technicians test each clean bench to insure that the controls and blower motor work properly, as well as ensuring that the HEPA filter is suitable for use in lab conditions. Our testing procedure includes all the elements of a clean bench certification in order to insure that the unit will pass certification once it is at your site.

Baker Edgegard EG4320 clean bench specifications

Exterior WxHxD

50” x 72” x 34”

Interior work surface WxHxD

46.5” x 34” x 22”


Approx 425 lbs

Electrical Requirements (call or email to confirm)

115V, 60Hz, 24 Amp

Please call or email us today for pricing and additional information regarding the Baker Edgegard EG4320 clean bench.

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1609 CL BENCH   -   4' Baker 4320 Edgegard

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