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Item 1971A DNA - MacConnell Research Mini-Prep

"The Mini-Prep 96 instrument automatically purify plasmid DNA directly from bacterial culture in just over one hour. The instruments use pre-cast disposable sample cassettes, which fit into an internal electrophoresis processing rig. Each cassette can process up to twelve 2ml or 24 1ml bacterial culture samples. The Mini-Prep 96 processing rig holds two cassettes while the Mini-Prep 96 holds four cassettes. Plasmid DNA obtained from these instruments is highly pure and can be used in most molecular biology processes, including manual and fluorescent automated DNA sequencing and transfection. With high-copy number plasmids, individual sample lanes of cassette typically yield 4-6æg of DNA from 2 mL of culture. Please call or email us today from pricing and additional information on this MacConnell Research Mini-Prep 96."

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1971A DNA   -   MacConnell Research Mini-Prep

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