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Item 2053B EVAP - Porvair Ultravap

Porvair Ultravap

  • Designed for heat sensitive and thermally labile samples
  • Nine different drying programmes can be retained in the memory
  • Sold as-is

The Provair Ultravap is a digitally controlled programmable evaporator. It can be used as a stand alone unit or driven by a computer, often connected to a robotic liquid handler. Can evaporate 500µl methanol in 5 minutes. Compact footprint allows the Ultravap to fit into all standard fume cupboards. Compatible with Tecan, Hamilton and Beckman robotic liquid handlers.


The photos above are representative. Please bear in mind that the equipment shown is currently in storage in our warehouse and that in addition to testing each machine we will clean all the equipment thoroughly prior to shipment. We often have multiple units of each model in stock and sometimes we're unable to feature photos of every single unit. At your request, we can provide photos of the equipment in your order after it has been tested and cleaned.

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2053B EVAP   -   Porvair Ultravap

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