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Item 2864K HOOD - Labconco 6963603 Ductless

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Labconco Paramount Ductless fume hood model 6963603

  • 6’ wide ductless hood
  • Total exterior dimensions: 72”W x 35.5”D x 56”H (not including stand)
  • Accepts HEPA or Carbon filters
  • Epoxy work surface included

Labconco Paramount ductless fume hoods use carbon filters to clear laboratories of annoying or unsafe concentrations of organic solvents, formaldehyde, acid gases, ammonia, or radioisotopes. They do not need to be ducted to HVAC systems so they can be moved from lab to lab or easily relocated within a lab. Depending on your application, the Paramount Ductless fume hood model 696303 can use either carbon or HEPA filters for removing gaseous and particulate contaminants. This hood features a slotted rear baffle the promotes horizontal airflow to ensure vapors and fumes are drawn to the back of the enclosure without causing turbulence that could cause lack of containment, an advanced electronic commutated motor technology that improves energy efficiency and reduces noise pollution, and an organic chemical vapor sensor the detects chemicals breaking through the filter to ensure that operator protection is maintained.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians inspect all hoods to make sure that the baffles are present and intact, the interior lights are functioning, and that the sash is intact and runs smoothly on the tracks along with the counterweights. We can also provide information on the fixtures installed on each hood. Please note that we do not provide blower motors with fume hood sales. For more information on blower motor selection please feel free to call or email us; we recommend speaking with an HVAC specialist regarding your particular motor needs.

Labconco Paramount Ductless fume hood model 6963603 specifications

Exterior dimensions

72”W x 35.5”D x 56”H

Interior work surface dimensions

71”W x 31.5”D x 35”H

Electrical Requirements

115V, 60Hz

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