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Item 2912 HOOD - 2' Misonix WS-6 downflow fume

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Misonix WS-6 downflow workstation

  • 2’ wide downflow workstation
  • Corrosion resistant powder-coated exterior
  • HEPA or carbon filtration

The Misonix WS-6 workstations open design allows for close inspection of samples while maintaining a high level of operator protection. Particles or fumes are drawn downward through the stainless steel work surface and contaminants are removed by a series of filters. After the fumes or particulates are filtered, clean air is returned to the room. Laboratory air is pulled into the removable stainless steel work surface and then contaminated air passes through an electrostatic pre-filter before entering into the main filtration zone. Clean, contaminant free air is released back into the laboratory space.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians inspect all fume hoods to make sure that the baffles are present and intact, the interior lights are functioning, and that the sash is intact and runs smoothly on the tracks along with the counterweights. We can also provide information on the fixtures installed on each hood. Please note that we do not provide blower motors with fume hood sales. For more information on blower motor selection please feel free to call or email us; we recommend speaking with an HVAC specialist regarding your particular motor needs.

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2912 HOOD   -   2' Misonix WS-6 downflow fume

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