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Item 2960Q HPLC - Agilent 1100 Mass Spec G1956B

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Agilent Technologies 1100 Series LC/MS Ion Trap Detector

  • Part number G1956B
  • Single Quad Benchtop Mass Spectrometer
  • Sold as-is

The Agilent G1956B LC/MS has a mass resolution to m/z 3000 that allows for the characterization of proteins beyond 60000 KDalton and is capable of identifying modified proteins such as glycoproteins where the charge distribution falls above m/z 2000.

This Agilent 1100 series G1956B mass spectrometer is being sold as-is. The unit is used and appears to have been refurbished, with typical cosmetic wear and tear. (See video for more detail.) The unit powers up but we are unable to fully test the machine.

Click Hereto see theAgilent G1956B on the American Instrument Exchange YouTube channel.

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2960Q HPLC   -   Agilent 1100 Mass Spec G1956B

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