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Item 3311B METER - Advanced Laser Polarimeter

Advanced Laser Polarimeter

  • Model ALP 2001.01
  • Sold as-is – call for details

Advanced Laser Polarimeters (ALPs) measure the net optical activity of the contents of their flow cells in real time. The measurement is usually made dynamically as in a flowing HPLC or SFC system but can be made statically with sample stationary in a flow cell. ALPs measure optical activity directly and with proper design exhibit no interferences and no non-linearities across a large dynamic range (one million). These selective and robust characteristics allow exactly the same optical bench technology to be applied from analytical to prep and production level applications with excellent correlation between units operating at drastically different analyte scales from micrograms to tons.

Please note that this unit is being sold as-is, without testing or warranty.

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3311B METER   -   Advanced Laser Polarimeter

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