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Item 3686C OVEN - Thermo Blue M V01824A oven

Thermo Lindberg/Blue M vacuum oven

  • Model VO1824
  • Chamber Volume: 4.5 cubic feet
  • Temp range: ambient +6°C to 260°C
  • Includes 90 day warranty

The Thermo Lindberg/Blue M vacuum oven is designed for drying, curing, outgassing, process control, and applications which require elevated temperature in reduced atmospheres or vacuudpurge with non-flammable gases. This model features single setpoint digital electronic control, built-in overtemperature protection and a fully flexible vacuum/purge/release system, as well as inert gas injection valve, fresh air inlets, vacuum port to exhaust vacuum atmosphere, and controllable vacuum release vent port.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test all equipment to confirm that it operates properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. While we can’t test for a specific analytical application, we will do our best to simulate the conditions under which the equipment will be run. If you have particular testing requirements or requests please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure these requirements are addressed during testing.

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3686C OVEN   -   Thermo Blue M V01824A oven

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