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Item 4380T REFRIG - Fisher Isotemp 13-986-102A

Fisher Scientific stainless steel lab refrigerator

  • Model 13-986-120A
  • 23.1 cubic foot interior
  • Temperature range: 1°C to 12°C
  • 90 day warranty

The Fisher Isotemp model 13-986-120A is a large lab refrigerator with 23.1 cubic feet of storage space and a durable, attractive stainless steel exterior. The 13-986-120A is part of the “Environmentally Friendly” product line from Fisher Scientific. This unit does contain CFCs, HCFCs or other ozone depleting substances, does not contain highly toxic compounds, and their production does not result in highly toxic by-products, and is more energy efficient than previous models.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test refrigerators using a calibrated digital chart recorder to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all refrigerators thoroughly prior to shipment.

Want to view a video of this unit?Click Hereto see the Fisher Isotemp model 13-986-120A refrigeratoron the American Instrument Exchange YouTube channel.

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The photos above are representative. Please bear in mind that the equipment shown is currently in storage in our warehouse and that in addition to testing each machine we will clean all the equipment thoroughly prior to shipment. We often have multiple units of each model in stock and sometimes we're unable to feature photos of every single unit. At your request, we can provide photos of the equipment in your order after it has been tested and cleaned.

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4380T REFRIG   -   Fisher Isotemp 13-986-102A

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