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Item 5673A WATER - Barnstead MP-3A

"Barnstead MP-3A Mega-Pure Glass Still, model A440696. These stills remove most dissolved solids and all pyrogens and biological impurities from tap water or pretreated water?meets pyrogen purity standards. Wetted parts are quartz, glass, and PTFE. Stills feature a water-level sensor in the boiling chamber. The high-temperature cutoff switch prevents any possibility of overheating. Aluminum cabinet with baked-epoxy finish keeps electrical cords and the drain line out of your way. Double solenoid valve lets you use pretreated feed water for feed to the boiler. This reduces the amount of cleaning required. Stills do not operate automatically with storage tanks other than the automatic collection system. Inlet water temperature: 4oC to 37oC. Vent temperature: 85oC to 96.7oC. Inlet pressure: 20psi to 100 psi. Volume output of 3.4 liters/hour. Please call or email us today for pricing and additional information regarding this Barnstead MP-3A Mega-Pure glass still."

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5673A WATER   -   Barnstead MP-3A

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