Nuaire 430-400 CL B2 hood, 4'

Item: 0875BB BIO CAB

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Nuaire NU-430-400 Class II Type B2 4' biological safety cabinet

  • Class II Type B2 total exhaust bio safety cabinet
  • 4’ wide model
  • Microprocessor controller
  • Stand, power cord and manual included
  • 90 day warranty

The Nuaire NU-430-400 Class II Type B2 biological safety cabinet is a total exhaust cabinet. Widely used in toxicology laboratories and other applications in which chemical effluent is present and clean air is essential, the Nuaire NU-430-400 recirculates 0% air, as the exhausted air is pulled through a dedicated exhaust duct into the facility exhaust system. (In other words, hard ducted to outside the facility, similar to a chemical fume hood.)  The entire cabinet shell and all internal plenums and structures on the Nuaire NU-430-400 are constructed from Type 304 stainless steel for increased chemical resistance to acids/solvents which are normally used in applications which require a fume hood.

Unless otherwise specified all biosafety cabinets come with new HEPA filters installed by our technicians at our facility prior to shipment. Our testing procedures for B2 biosafety cabinets are limited, as we cannot replicate the same conditions as being hard ducted to the outside. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer and certifier (or whoever will be overseeing the installation) to ensure that this B2 total exhaust biosafety cabinet is right for your application, and compatible with your facility.