Prism P-300 Coating System

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Prism Ultra-Coat 300 coating system

  • Three axis motion
  • Up to two coating heads
  • 90-day warranty

The Prism Ultra-Coat 300 is a highly configurable inline selective coating module which applies conformal coatings to printed circuit boards and other products. The system comes with three axis of motion using servo motor driven bail screw actuator for the z-axis and stepper motor driver theta. The Prism Ultra-coat 300 can be configured with up to two coasting heads on a single gantry and can accept two different models of ultrasonic spray heads.

Click here to see a video of the Prism P-300 on our YouTube channel. 

This particular unit is configured with a single CAT-35 ILDS series dual mode ultrasonic spray head, used for precision selective spray coating in pattern widths from 3mm to 25mm. These ultrasonic heads can be used for all types of materials except silicones. A PMP-100 precision metering pump module with 20oz cartridge is also installed.

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