MD VMax Kinetic Microplate

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Molecular Devices Vmax Kinetic microplate reader

  • 400-750nm range
  • Endpoint, kinetic read modes
  • 5 second read time (96-well microplate)
  • Software not included   
  • Sold as-is

The Molecular Devices VMax Microplate Reader is designed for reproducible results and rugged performance. Applications include endpoint ELISA, total protein assays, platelet aggregation studies, endpoint LAL endotoxin assays, cytokine determination and quantitation of cytoproliferation by MTT reduction or by staining with crystal violet. The VMax Microplate Reader builds on the capabilities of the EMax Reader by adding applications based on kinetic measurements, such as enzyme studies and kinetic-based ELISA measurements.

The single-well illumination design of the VMax Reader sequentially illuminates each well with 100% of the available light, resulting in an optimized signal-to-noise ratio. The light-tight reading chamber eliminates stray light for linearity to higher OD readings.All of our equipment is used and reconditioned.  Our technicians will power this up and cycle through the menus to ensure that it is in general functional condition, but are unable to test it further.

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