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New Brunswick Innova 4900 refrigerated incubator shaker

  • Three platforms with independent speed control
  • Temperature range: ambient to 60°C (minimum setpoint 4°)
  • 90 day warranty

The New Brunswick Innova 4900 is an environmentally-controlled chamber designed to culture multiple samples on four independently controlled shaking platforms. Users can program temperature up to 60°C and down to 4°C as well as CO2 to 20%. Each shaking platform can be programmed to run continuously or timed to shut off. A fan provides mechanical convection so that the chamber heats quickly, maintains uniformity, and recovers temperature quickly after the door has been opened. The glass door is thermally insulated and electrically heated with double-pane tempered glass, which both minimizes heat loss and improves efficiency, as well as prevents condensation.

Our technicians test incubators using a calibrated digital chart recorder to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly prior to shipment.

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New Brunswick Innova 4900 refrigerated incubator shaker

Exterior WxDxH approx 55” x 30.5” x 78.5”
Platform Size 18” x 24” each
Weight approx 1,400 lbs
Temperature Range 20°C below ambient to 60°C
Temperature Stability @37°C >0.1°C


The photos above are representative. Please bear in mind that the equipment shown is currently in storage in our warehouse and that in addition to testing each machine we will clean all the equipment thoroughly prior to shipment. We often have multiple units of each model in stock and sometimes we're unable to feature photos of every single unit. At your request, we can provide photos of the equipment in your order after it has been tested and cleaned. 

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