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Syrris Atlas HD Jacketed Reactor – DN150 System

  • Includes 1L, 2L, 3L, & 5L glass vessels
  • Includes syringe pump
  • PC software not provided
  • 90-day warranty

Atlas HD is an automated and modular jacketed reactor system for R&D chemists and chemical engineers. Atlas HD enables supreme flexibility and easy cleaning with tool-free vessel changes from 50 mL to 5L.

Atlas HD can be tailored to your chemistry needs with a temperature range of -40°C to +200°C*, various stirring options, and a wide range of pressures.

A range of sensors including turbidity, temperature, pressure, and pH can be configured. Automated dosing is possible using the intelligent Atlas Syringe Pump.

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Jacketed reactors are typically glass or stainless-steel reaction vessels that are designed for accurately controlling the temperature of their contents through the use of a “jacket” of heating/cooling fluid.

Round-bottom flasks have long been the mainstay of almost all chemistry labs, but they come with inherent problems that make them unsuitable for more challenging chemistry. Whereas round-bottom flasks are generally limited to 4 temperatures —reflux, room temperature, 0 °C, and -78 °C—the jacketed reactor is controlled by a circulator and provides pinpoint accuracy in temperature control at whatever temperature your chemistry requires.

When combined with software automation, jacketed reactors offer far more benefits than just accurate temperature control. Chemists can program simple or complex reaction recipes to automatically run their reactions without the need for supervision, including the ability to perform temperature and/or pH dependent dosing when combined with intelligent syringe pumps and relevant sensors.

Atlas HD’s touchscreen and PC software (not included) provides you with unmatched capability to accurately and automatically define and control various reaction parameters over a range of working volumes.

With the ability to control other lab equipment—such as the Atlas Syringe Pump —Atlas HD provides you with full walk-away chemistry, relieving you of mundane reaction monitoring and freeing up your time to focus on more interesting tasks.

With built-in safety features including alarms and shutdown policies, you can confidently let your reactions run overnight or even over weekends!

Atlas HD automatically logs all reaction parameters which are displayed graphically both in real time and for post-reaction analysis. You can easily recall and replicate experiments, ensuring complete repeatability of your processes.

Atlas Syringe Pumps are versatile chemistry pumps featuring advanced dosing protocols including pH control, temperature-dependent dosing, and autosampling, with flow rates from 0.5 μL to 200 mL/min. Atlas Syringe Pumps are perfect for chemists looking for a single syringe pump that can fulfill all their chemistry needs.

Accurate temperature control and monitoring is vital for accurately predicting the scale-up of chemical processes, and in biochemistry, temperature control is critical to avoiding denaturing or damaging the product.

Atlas Syringe Pumps offer temperature-dependent dosing whereby the reagent addition is automatically paused until your safe reactor temperature is reached. This enables you to automatically mitigate against exotherms and endotherms, increasing laboratory safety and saving valuable time.

Combined with an Atlas pH probe and node, the Atlas Syringe Pump can automatically dose an acid and/or base to keep the pH of your reaction within a defined range. Automated pH control can save chemists valuable time by removing the need to manually add small amounts of acid/base over the course of a reaction.

This reactor is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test all equipment to confirm that it operates properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. While we can’t test for a specific analytical application, we will do our best to simulate the conditions under which the equipment will be run. If you have particular testing requirements or requests please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure these requirements are addressed during testing.

The photos above are representative. Please bear in mind that the equipment shown is currently in storage in our warehouse and that in addition to testing each machine we will clean all the equipment thoroughly prior to shipment. We often have multiple units of each model in stock and sometimes we're unable to feature photos of every single unit. At your request, we can provide photos of the equipment in your order after it has been tested and cleaned.

Syrris Atlas HD Jacketed Reactor - Specifications

Dimensions (without syringe pump) 21.26”W x 18.5”D x 52.36”H
Temperature range -40 to +200°C*
Pressure range Vacuum: ≤50 mbara. Max. pressure: 200 bar**
Stirrer motor speed Up to 800 rpm
Stirrer motor torque 11 Ncm***

*Upgrade kit available from Syrris broaden the range to -90°C to +250°C

** Atlas HD Potassium: Vacuum (≤50 mbar) to 250 mbar. Lower vacuum is achievable with upgraded parts from Syrris - Atlas HD 3 Bar: Vacuum (≤1 mbar) to 3 bar Atlas Sodium 200 Bar (Stainless Steel): Vacuum (≤1 mbar) to 200 bar

*** High torque motors available from Syrris

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