Refurbished Ultra-Low Freezers

American Instrument Exchange consistently stocks a wide variety of refurbished ultra-low freezers from numerous manufacturers including Thermo Scientific, VWR,New Brunswick/Eppendorf, Norlake, Sanyo, Revco, and more. With savings of up to 60% off the cost of comparable new models, we can put a reliable ultralow freezer in your lab at a competitive, low price.

And lower cost doesn't mean lower quality:our technicians test ultra-low freezers using calibrated digital chart recorders to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all units thoroughly prior to shipment. We make sure that thecompressors are working correctly and consistently and that the freezers can hold temperature even with an empty chamber. We also test and examine any additional features each model may have, such ashigh temp alarms, remote monitoring,chart recorders, and touchscreendisplays, among others. We can provide customers with copies of the test records for each unit prior to shipment.

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Ultra-low freezers are designed to maintain uniform low temperatures of between -40°C and -150°C to assure cell viability and protect samples. Typical storage products include enzymes, chemicals, drugs, viruses, bacteria, cell preparations, biological samples such as mammalian and plant cell cultures, stem cells, DNA, DNA, and proteins, cell extracts, reagents, and tissue samples, among others. Samples are often packed in tubes or microtubes.

Utilizing dual compressor cascade refrigeration systems, ultra-low freezers by nature are high consumers of electricity, even with modern molded in place polyurethane insulation. Most models are equipped with additional inner doors to help stem temperature loss when the outer door is opened to retrieve or insert materials. Full freezers maintain better temperature stability and consume less energy than empty or partial filled ultra-low freezers. Many manufacturers are now using environmentally friendly, non-CFC based refrigerants.

Upright ultra-low freezers offer a high storage capacity to footprint ratio that is ideal for labs that have restricted floor space or need to frequently access stored samples. These units typically come with adjustable shelves and temperature ranges from -40°C to -86°C.

Chest style ultra-low freezers are more typically utilized for longer term storage or by labs with more available floor space. Chest freezers are more efficient that upright style units and maintain temperature for a longer period of time in the event of a power outages or other failures. These units may have low temperature ranges of -86°C or may be configured with low temperature ranges to -150°C, thus acting as cryogenic storage without LN2 as a storage medium.

All of the equipment shown on our website is in stock and available. Orders ship from our 30,000 square foot warehouse in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Our surplus lab equipment is reconditioned for many types of laboratories, including biotech, biomedical, medical research, chemical, pharmaceutical, and university and hospital research laboratories. We have been a reliable source for used laboratory and scientific equipment since 1969.

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