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Introducing the 4E’s USA Histology Bundle from American Instrument Exchange, a comprehensive package designed to streamline every aspect of histology workflow from slide creation to cartridge labeling and storage. 4E's USA designs equipment that is easy to use. Their goal is to build user friendly equipment that is so easy to use it does not need a manual. 

The 4E’s USA histology bundle includes state-of-the-art slide preparation equipment, that are capable of producing high-quality slides with precision and speed. From tissue processing to embedding and storage, every step is optimized for optimal results.

Boasting the deepest dish in the industry, the 4E’s USA Tissue Floatation Bath was designed to make processing tissue samples a cinch. The heated nozzle on the Paraffin Wax Dispenser helps to prevent clogging during the tissue mounting process. Once the tissue samples are mounted on the slides, you can take advantage of the large-capacity and angled slide storage area of the Slide Dryer.

4E's USA - Slides (americaninstrument.com)

4E's USA - Tissue Floatation Bath (americaninstrument.com)

4E's USA - Paraffin Wax Dispenser (americaninstrument.com)

4E's USA - Slide Dryer (americaninstrument.com)


If you’re mounting the specimens in a tissue embedding cassette, the 4E’s USA Paraffin Wax Trimmer can provide an efficient solution for removing excess paraffin for enhances slicing precision in a microtome.

4E's USA - Paraffin Wax Trimmer (americaninstrument.com)


The Ultraviolet Laser Microscope Slide Printer and the Ultraviolet Tissue Cassette Printer represent the next generation of slide printers. These advanced and easy to use printers can print directly on slides or tissue cassettes without using ink or printer consumables. The ultra-fast laser can print text, symbols, and barcodes on slides or cassettes in under three seconds. 

4E's USA - Ultraviolet Microscope Slide Printer (americaninstrument.com)

4E's USA - Ultraviolet Tissue Cassette Laser Printer (americaninstrument.com)


Keep your slides and cartridges organized and protected with the 4E’s USA stackable storage solutions. From slide racks to cartridge trays, their system maximizes space efficiency while safeguarding your valuable specimens.

4E's USA - Slide Storage Cabinet - 4 Colors (americaninstrument.com)

4E's USA - Tissue Cassette Storage Cabinet (americaninstrument.com)


Contact American Instrument Exchange today about the 4E’s USA Histology Bundle, and you can have your lab up and running in no time, and at a fraction of the price of the bigger name brands.