Refurbished Fume Hoods

We offer an extensive selection of chemical fume hoods from a range of manufacturers, including Thermo Hamilton, Kewaunee, Labconco, Mott, and more, at a savings of up to 65% off the price of comparable new equipment.

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Our reconditioned fume hoods all come supplied with a work surface (typically epoxy, resin, or stainless steel, depending on the hood) and base cabinets. Many of the chemical fume hoods we sell are supplied with flammable material or acid storage cabinets, so if you need a particular type of base cabinet we’ll make sure to offer hoods that meet your needs. We inspect each fume hood to make sure the baffles are installed correctly and secure, that the sash and counterbalance systems work smoothly, and that any and all necessary fixtures such as water, air and gas valves are installed. We have a variety of widths available at any given time, including 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ benchtop models, as well as some floor model units. American Instrument Exchange also offers a 90 day warranty on all fume hoods.

But don’t mistake low cost for low quality: our technicians test each balance to insure repeatability, correct cornerload tolerances, linearity, and reduced span at or near full capacity. We also test all displays and controls as well as any other features and accessories, such as auto-calibration and draft shield retraction, to make sure every scale we ship is fully operational. 

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Fume hoods are designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapors or dusts. Air is drawn from the front (open) side of the cabinet. Ducted fume hoods expel vapors/dusts outside the lab through a facility’s exhaust system. Ductless hoods draw vapors and fumes through a filter or filters and circulate air back into a room without the need of an exhaust system. The expelling/filtration of the air protect the users from inhaling toxic gases.

We do not provide motors with our fume hood and do not recommend purchasing used blower motors. Because of all the different variables involved in selecting a blower motor we suggest that customers speak with their facilities managers or a HVAC services firm to determine what model motor is best suited for their space and application. Remember: a fume hood is supposed to protect personnel from breathing hazardous fumes, and selecting a blower that doesn’t help to effectively contain fumes defeats the entire purpose of having the hood.

All of the equipment shown on our website is in stock and available. Orders ship from our 30,000 square foot warehouse in Haverhill, MA. Our surplus lab equipment is reconditioned for many types of laboratories, including biotech, biomedical, medical research, chemical, pharmaceutical, and university and hospital research laboratories. We have been a reliable source for used laboratory and scientific equipment since 1969.

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