Lab Equipment Depot Repair Services

Repair service

American Instrument Exchange provides repair services for: 

• Freezers • Ultralow freezers
• Refrigerators • Shakers
• Incubators • Ovens
• Benchtop autoclaves • Lyophilizers/Freeze Dryers
• Centrifuges • And much more!


Fill out the form below or give us a call at 978-521-2221 to discuss your repair needs. We're here for you Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 4:45pm Eastern.



How Does it Work?

American Instrument Exchange is available to repair a wide variety of equipment in our fully stocked facility. We can schedule and coordinate pick up and transportation of your malfunctioning equipment to our shop.

With hourly rates lower than most OEM service providers and no travel time for service representatives, repair costs can be reduced. Additionally, our lab depot repair service reduces or sometimes eliminates scheduling-related delays. Our depot repair facilities are staffed by service technicians who are qualified and experienced and can restore your equipment's performance to factory specifications.

After receiving the instrument our trained technicians will evaluate the machine and send a report detailing diagnosis, repair options, and anticipated costs. Preliminary triage testing is carried out by our skilled technicians in order to identify the reported issue as well as any additional flaws.

If possible, OEM parts are used to replace of any defective parts that are found to be underperforming. If we can’t find OEM parts, alternatives will be sourced.

Once repairs are complete, we fully test the instrument using calibrated recorders to verify proper function, making sure all controls and readouts are accurate and that the equipment works to specification.

We then arrange for or coordinate the return of your equipment in the safest manor possible to ensure that it works as promised. All repair work is fully covered by our 90-day warranty.


Where Does it All Happen?

Our workshop

Our 2,000+ sq. ft. temperature-controlled workshop in Haverhill, MA is home to hundreds of tools and thousands of parts needed to repair most types of laboratory equipment; over a dozen dedicated workstations that can accommodate a variety electrical requirements; an industrial-size sink with hose attachment to aid in testing glassware washers, water baths, ultrasonic cleaners, and water-jacketed incubators;  a mobile CO2 tank to test incubators; a supply of liquid nitrogen to test cryostorage tanks; and multiple computer workstations to allow our technicians online access to research, troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair problems.

Our Technicians are Our Best Asset

Our technicians

Being one of Boston’s leaders in used and refurbished laboratory equipment sales for over 50 years requires our technicians to be top-notch. With over 100 years of combined experience, our techs have a history of fixing a diverse range of equipment from many different industries. They have worked with everything from vortex mixers and guitars to helicopters and analytical balances. This broad knowledge base that better enables them to quickly diagnose malfunctions and get to work on repairs. Our team will do what it takes to get you back up and running quickly, without cutting corners.


Our Promise to You

90-day warranty

All equipment repair service comes with a 90-day warranty from the date of shipment unless otherwise specified. Your warranty is only valid if you have paid your invoice. If your invoice is over 30 days old warranty work will not be performed until your invoice is paid in full.

Should there be visible shipping damage to packaging or concealed shipping damage to item(s) supplied, buyer must communicate such damage to the delivering entity or carrier upon receipt first and to American Instrument the same day item is accepted / signed for. Failure to do so voids warranty. Customer decision to involve / procure third party or OEM service other than American Instrument or AIE assigned vendors to resolve in-warranty instrument failure or defect without first placing a service call to American Instrument voids warranty.


One piece of equipment going down can cause a huge impact on your lab's productivity. Unless you have in-house technicians with experience, your lab may be most efficient and cost-effectively repaired by using a depot repair service.

Why should you outsource your repair work to a depot service?

The majority of the time, no one on the lab staff will have the technical or mechanical expertise necessary to successfully carry out equipment maintenance and repair. They may, at best, have a lot of user experience and be able to perform routine maintenance, calibrate the instrument, and make minor repairs. However, when problems arise that go beyond their capabilities or the problems necessitate special tools, it's time to call a professional. The only way to guarantee a high-quality and effective repair would then be to hire a specialized service company.

Depot repair businesses will be able to fix equipment better and more quickly than lab staff unless an organization is large enough to justify employing a full-time specialist in equipment maintenance and repair. Even if a repair isn't technically complicated, it might still take too long to do internally. For instance, conventional approaches can take an excessive amount of time to locate a pinhole leak in the vacuum system of a freeze dryer. The expertise and specialized equipment of third-party repair companies will speed up the troubleshooting and repair procedures.

Aside from the additional downtime, delegating the repair to an unqualified employee may exacerbate the issue. The employee may accidentally aggravate the issue or damage other process components if they lack the necessary expertise. As a result, in addition to paying for the initial issue, the lab must also cover the additional downtime caused by the new issues.

Not only are depot service providers much less likely to exacerbate the issue, but they will also be able to remedy their mistakes, if they do.


Depot repair vs. field service

Here are a few scenarios where using a depot repair service is better than going with the original equipment manufacturer:

  • Your equipment’s warranty is expired or invalidated
  • OEM service calls include pricey travel time
  • Your equipment is no longer supported by the OEM because it’s a few generations old
  • It can take a long time to get an OEM service technician to your lab, leading to longer downtime

Utilizing American Instrument Exchange's depot repair service can provide faster turnaround times and easier scheduling.


More efficient scheduling

Having a single point of contact for all events related to service can save you a lot of time and money because you won't have to coordinate scheduling with multiple companies. OEM’s often have local independent service providers come in and do the repair work. Doing so requires multiple steps in scheduling, leading to increased wait time, which leads to decreased production.


Considerations for choosing a depot repair service:

Reputation - Pay close attention to the testimonials on the company's website and Google reviews. If the majority of reviews are favorable and there are no recurrent complaints, the business is probably a good choice.

Expertise - Make sure the service provider you're thinking about hiring specializes in the equipment you need fixed. Among the broader selection of supported products, some service providers specialize in repairing equipment in particular categories.

Affordability - If the company is far away, you might have to pay more for an on-site service call. Your instrument's downtime will also increase as a result of the travel time, costing you more money and delays.


Why should you choose American Instrument Exchange?

 American Instrument Exchange's depot repair service is a great fit for equipment that has been in storage for an extended period of time, inoperable, or simply “shelved” for years.  We check all the boxes when it comes to what you should want and expect in a depot repair service.

🗹  We're experienced - Our techs have over 100 years of experience repairing equipment

🗹  We're reliable - We consistently deliver high-quality work that meets manufacturer's specifications

🗹  We're reputable - We literally have thousands of repeat customers

🗹  We're dependable - We fully guarantee our work for 90 days

The depot repairs provided by American Instrument Exchange save you time, space, and, most importantly, money. Send us your used or out of warranty equipment and we will get you up and running quickly and affordably.

Contact us today for pricing and information on our depot repair services!

When your hardworking lab equipment is underperforming or completely breaks down, we understand that there’s little time to waste in bringing it back online. And that’s how we approach laboratory repair services and maintenance here at American Instrument Exchange.

Whether you want depot repair services or refurbishment services, American Instrument Exchange’s depot repair service can take care of your lab’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Make a depot service request through the form below, and one of our representatives will be back with you shortly.



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