Refurbished CO2 Cell Culture Incubators

American Instrument Exchange consistently stocks a wide variety of refurbished CO2 cell culture incubators from numerous manufacturers including Thermo Scientific, VWR, Nuaire, Binder, New Brunswick/Eppendorf, Sanyo, Panasonic, and more. With savings of up to 60% off the cost of comparable new models we can put a reliable incubator in your lab at a competitive price.

And lower cost doesn't mean lower quality:  our technicians test incubators using calibrated digital chart recorders to verify the accuracy of temperature controls and readouts. We replace any hardware or parts as is necessary and clean all incubators thoroughly prior to shipment. We test CO2 levels using a Fyrite gas analyzer and test and examine any additional features each model may have, such as humidity monitoring and control, water-jackets, programmable controls, convection fans, and shaking platforms, among others. We can provide customers with copies of the test records for each incubator.

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CO2 incubators

CO2 incubators are mainstays in biology and biotechnology laboratories engaging in cell or tissue culture work. These chambers provide stable environments that mimic a cell's natural environment - a pH level of about 7.4, temperature of around 37°C, CO2 concentration of around 5%, and relative humidity of around 95%. Incubators are used wherever cells must be maintained, expanded, or cultured over periods ranging from a few hours to many weeks. With exciting advances in biological therapeutics and stem cell research there is growing demand for affordable, reliable refurbished CO2 cell culture incubators throughout the US and abroad.

A cell culture incubator features heat control and CO2 control/monitoring with typical temperature ranges from 4°C to 50°C and CO2 ranges from 0% to no higher than 20%. Most CO2 incubators have non-corrosive stainless steel interiors, but some models feature antimicrobial copper chambers. Others have decontamination cycles that use heat or UV lights to decontaminate the chambers. Most cell culture incubators are also water-jacketed, meaning that a water bath circulates through the walls of the cabinet to help regulate heat inside the chamber.

Testing incubators

All of the equipment shown on our website is in stock and available. Orders ship from our 30,000 square foot warehouse in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Our surplus lab equipment is reconditioned for many types of laboratories, including biotech, biomedical, medical research, chemical, pharmaceutical, brewery, cannabis testing, and university and hospital research laboratories. We have been a reliable source for used laboratory and scientific equipment since 1969.

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