Reconditioned Centrifuges

We offer a variety of used and reconditioned centrifuges, including benchtop and floor model units, refrigerated centrifuges, microfuges, continuous flow models, explosion proof centrifuges and ultracentrifuges. With prices up to 70% lower than the cost of comparable new models, American Instrument Exchange can put a reliable centrifuge in your lab at a competitive price.

 centrifugesBut lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality:  our technicians test the performance of all centrifuges and make sure the rotating assembly is properly balanced; the bearings, seals and gaskets on the spindle assembly are in good shape; and that all controls and set points work properly. If the centrifuge is refrigerated we also test to make sure that the machine reaches and holds temperature. All tolerances are measured and the exterior and interior of all units are fully cleaned.  If the unit is being purchased with a rotor we test the rotor/centrifuge combination together.

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Types of Centrifuges

Floor model centrifuges are typically refrigerated and can be broadly classified as either high capacity, superspeed or ultracentrifuges. High capacity models are designed to swing spinning bucket rotors with up to six liter capacities that allow for high throughput, large batch processing. Some Superspeed models can accommodate up to three or four liter batches in swinging bucket rotors but are also compatible with many fixed angle rotors that spin at higher speeds and g force. Ultracentrifuges are optimal for spinning small volumes at very high speeds and can generate very high g force acceleration.

Benchtop centrifuges can be used in a broad range of applications. Benchtop centrifuges can accommodate both fixed angle and swinging bucket rotors, depending on the model, and are designed to meet a variety of speed and force needs.

All of the equipment shown on our website is in stock and available. Orders ship from our 30,000 square foot warehouse in Haverhill, MA. Our surplus lab equipment is reconditioned for many types of laboratories, including biotech, biomedical, medical research, chemical, pharmaceutical, and university and hospital research laboratories. We have been a reliable source for used laboratory and scientific equipment since 1969.

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