American Instrument Exchange and ClorDiSys Decontamination Services

Decon service

American Instrument Exchange is proud to partner with ClorDiSys to provide biodecontamination services for routine or single-time events.

Whether you need a decon in response to a contamination or preventative decontamination of new or existing facilities, the ClorDiSys chlorine dioxide gas methodology provides complete decontamination of your facility all at once, with minimal equipment and minimal downtime. This gaseous system has the ability to achieve complete distribution and penetration to all surfaces within your facility, including cracks and crevices, which other methods can’t achieve.


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Decon Service


  • Accurate CD Gas concentration monitor ensures every cycle is effective
  • Able to decontaminate any size space
  • Fully turnkey process
  • No cycle development necessary
  • Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, beta lactams and pinworm eggs
  • Fast turnaround time, entire facilities in 1-3 days
  • Great material compatibility
  • Capable of achieving kill within ductwork
decon service


  • Rooms
  • Entire facilities
  • HVAC ductwork
  • HEPA housings
  • Processing tanks
  • Pass-throughs
  • Tented equipment
  • Transport vans
  • Lyophilizers
  • Isolators
  • Piping
  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Spiral freezers
decon service


  • Safe on materials including sensitive electronics
  • Process not affected by temperature or dew point ClO2 molecule smaller than viruses, bacteria and spores
  • Naturally fills the space its contained within, contacting all surfaces evenly, including crevices deeper than microorganisms can reach
  • No measurable residue Non-carcinogenic US EPA registered as a sterilant, able to kill all viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores
  • Effective against beta lactams and pinworm eggs
decon service


  • Odor Detection: CD has an odor at the 8-hr OSHA safety level, so the user is self-alerted to exposure at a low level and the reliance on external sensors is not as imperative.
  • Non-Carcinogenic: Formaldehyde and ethylene oxide are known carcinogens. The ACGIH designates VPHP as an A3, Confirmed Animal Carcinogen with Unknown Relevance to Humans. Chlorine dioxide gas is not listed as a carcinogen of any kind.
  • Effective within Water: Gaseous CD is the only decontaminating fumigant that penetrates water, decontaminating both the water and the surface beneath. If liquid is present, the sterilization e­cacy of CD is not affected.
  • Widespread Use: Chlorine dioxide is used for both drinking water treatment and the sanitization of many foods.



When performing a decontamination service, accurate gas concentration measurements are taken continuously from various places within the space using a calibrated photometer. The decontamination is only said to be complete once the proper dosage has been exceeded at all sample locations.

In addition to concentration measurements, biological indicators (BIs) can be used to test the efficacy of the decontamination. BIs consist of over 1 million bacterial spores known to be among the most resistant to chlorine dioxide gas. The BIs are placed in hard-to-reach places during the decontamination and then dropped into a growth media and incubated to check for growth. After 36 hours, the BIs are checked and if no growth is present, the decontamination is deemed successful.

Aside from the additional downtime, delegating the repair to an unqualified employee may exacerbate the issue. The employee may accidentally aggravate the issue or damage other process components if they lack the necessary expertise. As a result, in addition to paying for the initial issue, the lab must also cover the additional downtime caused by the new issues.

CHLORINE DIOXIDE GAS – Safety & Material Compatibility

Chlorine dioxide gas is less corrosive than most other common decontamination methods. CD gas is compatible with electronics, epoxies, materials of construction (stainless steels), and more.

American Instrument Exchange and ClorDiSys decontamination services can be utilized for a variety of applications from tented pieces of equipment and small chambers up to entire facilities. ClorDiSys has the capability to decontaminate areas over 4,000,000 ft3 (113,267 m3). Services can be arranged for contamination response or preventive control needs. They can be scheduled as needed or contracted for routine prevention, scheduled maintenance, and shutdown periods. If you have contamination issues or are interested in overall facility decontamination prior to move-in, American Instrument Exchange and ClorDiSys can help you.

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