Amaxa Nucleofector II

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Amaxa Nucleofector II

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The Nucleofector Technology offers high flexibility with respect to applications, since the same transfection parameters apply for any nucleic acid substrate used. DNA vectors and RNA can be transfected using transfection protocols. It is the ideal tool to help you answer the scientific questions in your day-today applications such as over-expression studies, gene silencing approaches, protein expression, generation of stable clones and many more.

With over 100 protocols for cell lines optimized by Lonza’s R&D team, more than 500 entries in the online cell data base and almost 50 Nucleofector Kits for different primary cells, the Nucleofector Technology is clearly the transfection method of choice for virtually any difficult-to-transfect cell type.

Lonza’s Amaxa Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle Device serve as the contacting unit of the system. Nucleofection of the transfection samples occurs in 96-well Nucleocuvette Plates which are processed in the 96-well Shuttle Device. The 96-well Shuttle Device has been designed to allow for the application of up to 96 different programs per Nucleocuvette Plate.

Lonza has developed the Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System in response to the increased demand to expand the Amaxa Nucleofector Technology to high throughput applications and to the research need to transfect difficult-to-transfect cell lines and primary cells in the 96-well format.

Featuring the same unique benefits as the Nucleofector Technology, the Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System offers an efficient, reproducible, and highly flexible high-throughput transfection platform, supporting your drug discovery process such as target identification and validation.

The Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System offers transfection efficiencies up to 95% and has the ability to deliver siRNA duplexes, shRNA or reporter gene vectors equally well into virtually any cell type–whether it’s a suspension or adherent cell line or even a primary cell.

The Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System shows low intra- and inter-plate variance, allowing for lot-independent, and consistent, reproducible transfection results.

The adaptation of the Nucleofector Technology to the 96-well format is accompanied by a reduced transfection volume of 20 µl, and hence by low cell numbers. This makes the advantages of Nucleofection available for cell types that are hard to supply, such as primary neurons or mouse T-cells.

The Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System offers highly convenient handling due to the ability to control and monitor the Nucleofection Experiment either from a laptop or the 96-well Shuttle Device. The 96-well Shuttle Device provides a graphic user interface reflecting the same functionalities as the Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle Software in terms of: Starting the nucleofection process; pausing, stopping,or resuming the nucleofection process; and monitoring nucleofection process.

The Nucleofector 96-well Shuttle System meets the prerequisites for integration into Liquid Handling Systems: disposable 96-well Nucleocuvette Plates, automatic processing of a 96-well plate in 3 – 4 minutes, and an HTS-compatible software interface.

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