Captair 4000

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Captair Ductless Portable Fume Hood

  • Model 4000
  • Captair Type C
  • Velocity of 0.28 m/s
  • Filter not Included
  • 90-day warranty 

Captair Type C hoods are designed to filter out any evaporation transformed into a gaseous state.  Unlike other ductless hoods that discharge air into the room containing diluted quantities of toxic substances, the Captair purifying system guarantees that filtering efficiency is such that there are no traces of toxic substances detectable in the room. These hoods are recommended for the filtration of gases, vapors, toxic particles, and odors.  They are also recommended for the protection of the respiratory passages and working environment of people who regularly handle toxic substances.

The Captair Type C hoods feature a single fan, mounted to the top, a one-section filter, prefilter 3µ, sealed electrical box, two lighting tubes, energy supply flaps, acid-proof work surface, and a 3-liter retaining tray.

Some of the benefits of the Captair hoods include it being completely ductless and requiring no special installation; high-efficiency filtration, protecting the lab technician; exhausts no pollutants to the outside; purifies air in the room at a rate of 98.29 cfm; it’s compact size lends itself to being mobile with the ability to be set up anywhere in minutes; and it’s economical, in that it does not consume heated or cooled air.

Captair Ductless Portable Fume Hood - Specifications

Exterior dimensions 31”W x 24.5”D x 51.5”H 
Work area dimensions 30.75”W x 24”D x 31”H
Airflow velocity 0.28 m/s
Volume of air treated per hour 140 m3
Noise level 56 dBA
Electrical requirements 110VAC, 50Hz, 82A


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