4' BMC chemical fume hood

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BMC 4’ Airfoil Bypass Fume Hood

  • Model B-604
  • Epoxy surface included
  • Base cabinets included
  • 90-day warranty

Continuous air flow across the work surface of the BMC 4’ Airfoil Bypass Fume Hood exhausts potentially hazardous vapors safely away from the work environment, even with the sash closed!

The Airfoil Bypass Fume Hood features an internal bypass opening located above the sash allowing for a constant exhaust volume while maintaining the face velocity. In operation, the bypass works automatically, in conjunction with the hood sash. The bypass adjustment is made as the sash is opened and closed creating a relatively constant face velocity regardless of sash position.

CLICK HERE to see the 4' BMC airfoil bypass fume hood on our YouTube channel

The Bypass Fume Hood comes equipped with a full view sash providing an unobstructed view of the Hood interior work area. The sash, a glazed 7/32" thick laminated safety glass is provided with a full width flush pull. A counterweight provides for one finger operation of the sash at any position.

The entrance of the Hood is framed with inward-angled members. This angled frame works to minimize turbulence and provide smooth movement of air into the Hood, resulting in a more efficient operation of the Fume Hood at face velocities ranging from 60 to 150 FPM. A lower airfoil sash stop maintains a 1" space (below closed sash) that allows air to flow continuously across the work surface inside the Hood.

Double wall construction of the Hood superstructure allows for easy installation of service fixtures and routing of interior plumbing and electrical lines. The interior of the Airfoil Bypass Fume Hood is white “Resin-Chem.” Removable access panels on both interior sides of the Hood are standard features.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test all equipment to confirm that it operates properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. While we can’t test for a specific analytical application, we will do our best to simulate the conditions under which the equipment will be run. If you have particular testing requirements or requests please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure these requirements are addressed during testing.

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BMC 4’ Airfoil Bypass Fume Hood – Specifications

Exterior dimensions 48”W x 33.87”D x 54.25” (89.25” w/cabinets)H
Work area 39”W x 24.25”D x 48”H
Working sash height 17”


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