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Beckman DU 730 UV/VIS Life Science Spectrophotometer

  • Thermal range: 0°C to 100°C
  • Max ramp rate: 3°C/s (Block), 1.6°C/s (Sample)
  • 8.4” Color touchscreen display
  • 90-day warranty

The DU Series 700 Spectrophotometer is a complete scanning UV/Visible spectrophotometer with a bandwidth of 3 nm and a wavelength range of 190 to 1100 nm. The instrument comes with a complete set of application programs and multi-language support.

The DU 730 contains the following modes: Fixed wavelength, time-based kinetic, wavelength scanning, single component analysis, protein assay analysis, nucleic acid analysis, % dye incorporation, and DNA/protein tools.

You can use the DU Series 700 for testing samples in the visible and ultraviolet wavelength spectrum. A halogen gas-filled tungsten lamp produces light in the visible spectrum (320 to 1100 nm), and a deuterium lamp produces light in the ultraviolet spectrum (190 to 360 nm).

The DU Series 700 Spectrophotometer provides digital readouts in Absorbance or % Transmittance as well as calculated units, depending on the mode. USB ports for a printer, keyboard, and memory devices are standard.

When you select a user-generated or programmed method, the on-screen menus and prompts direct you through the test. You can also use these menus to generate reports, run statistical evaluations of generated calibration curves, and report instrument diagnostic checks.

All of our equipment is used and reconditioned. Our technicians test all equipment to confirm that it operates properly and to the manufacturer’s specifications. While we can’t test for a specific analytical application, we will do our best to simulate the conditions under which the equipment will be run. If you have particular testing requirements or requests please let us know and we’ll work with you to make sure these requirements are addressed during testing.

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Beckman DU 730 UV/VIS Life Science Spectrophotometer – Specifications

Dimensions 17.7”W x 19.7”D x 7.9”H
Operating Mode Transmittance (%), Absorbance, and Concentration
Source Lamp Tungsten (visible) and Deuterium (UV)
Wavelength Range 190 - 1100 nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 1 nm in Wavelength Range 200 - 900 nm
Wavelength Resolution Selectable (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 5.0 nm)
Wavelength Calibration Automatic
Wavelength Selection Automatic, based on method selection
Scanning speed Depending on selected resolution (100-4500 nm/min.)
Spectral Bandwidth 3 nm
Photometric Readout -0.3 to 3.0 A or 0.1 to 100%T
Photometric Accuracy ± 0.005 A at 0.0 to 0.5 A

1% at 0.5 to 2.0 A
Photometric Linearity < 0.5% at 2.0 A

1% at > 2.0 A
Stray Light KI Solution at 220 nm > 3.3 Abs

DU 700 is < o r = 0.05 %T max at 220 and 320 nm
Weight 34.2 lbs

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