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Buchi R-210 rotary evaporator system

  • Buchi R-210 tower
  • V-850 vacuum controller
  • B-491 heating bath
  • V-700 vacuum pump
  • 90-day warranty

The Buchi R-210 rotary evaporator “rotavapor” system includes the R-210 tower, V-850 vacuum controller, B-491 heating bath, and V-700 vacuum pump. The Buchi R-210 rotavapor features a display of vapor temperature and rotation speed for precise monitoring as well as increased reproducibility. Additionally, the continuous vapor duct prevents cross contamination. Rotation speeds are adjustable from 20 to 280rpm.

Click here to see a video of this rotary evaporator on our YouTube channel.

The Buchi V-850 vacuum controller a large graphic display and easy operation with a rotary knob allowing for vacuum adjustment. The V-850 allows for vacuum regulation to a specified set point and features a library with 43 specified solvents. The EasyVac function is an automatic process-control based on vapor pressure detection. Gradient programming for special distillation task is also possible with the V-850.

The Buchi B-491 heating bath can be used as either a water bath to 100°C or high boil solvent heating bath to 180°C with a temperature accuracy of +/-1°C. The B-490 has a easy-to-operate temp setting knob and digital display that shows both temperature setpoint and real-time temp.

The Buchi V-700 features a brushless DC motor with motor speed of 1600rpm. The 1.8m3/hour flow rate produces a noise level of between 40 and 52dBA. All components that come in contact with solvent vapors are made of PTFE or other resistant materials. An absolute vacuum of 10mbar can be achieved with the V-700 vacuum pump and V-855 vacuum controller.

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