Labconco XPert 3950202

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Labconco XPert Filtered Balance System

  • Model 3950202
  • 2’ wide
  • 19” load height
  • 90-day warranty

The XPert Filtered Balance System is designed to meet the needs of the laboratory scientist and provide superior containment while conserving energy at OSHA approved “low flow” velocities as low as 60 feet per minute. The filtered enclosures have been tested to effectively contain toxic and noxious materials when properly installed and operated. What makes the filtered enclosures so unique is the revolutionary way they direct air into and through the contaminated air chamber. Labconco engineered the filtered enclosures to minimize the effects of turbulence. The containment-enhancing and aerodynamic designs of the upper sash foil, side air foils, lower air foil, upper dilution air supply, and rear perforated baffle all work in concert to produce horizontal airflow patterns that significantly reduce powder, chemical and particulate concentrations through the work area.

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The built-in blower and HEPA filter save space, making them perfect for tight areas or locations where ductwork is not available. The HEPA filter removes 99.99% of particles 0.3-micron or larger. Negative pressure design ensures that if a leak develops, unfiltered air is filtered before release. The bag-in/bag-out filter disposal system provides safe filter replacement without exposing you to contaminants. Cabinet design minimizes electrostatic effects and vibration to enable precise weighing results.

Enclosures are constructed of an epoxy-coated aluminum frame, and steel rear plenum and baffle. Top-mounted blower with speed control and HEPA filter reduce space requirements, no separate filtered exhauster or outside ventilation needed. Sash and sides are made of 1/4"-thick tempered safety glass, providing better resistance to fire and chemicals than acrylic.

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Labconco XPert Filtered Balance System - specifications

External dimensions 24”W x 29”D x 37.13”H
Interior dimensions 21.62”W x 23.44”D x 28.69”H
Exhaust Volume  145 CFM
Electrical requirements 115 V, 60 Hz


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