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Leitz Dialux 20 trinocular microscope

  • 3 objectives
  • 10x eyepieces
  • 90-day warranty

The Leitz Dialux 20 Microscope has a trinocular head, NPL fluotars, transformer, and a 100W lamphouse (working bulb). Three objectives are included: NPL Fluotar 40x, EF 10x, and EF 25x. There is a Reichert Plan x4, mounted parfocally on an adapter, and an achromatic 'Flip Top' condenser, centering with iris. The Trinocular head has Leitz Periplan x10 eyepieces, and an adjustable field iris.

Binocular observation- and phototube with adjustable eyepiece tubes for the mechanical compensation of the tube length with interpupillary distance adjustment. Tube factor 1x.

The mechanical stage measures 200 x 100mm and has coaxial controls for object movement within an area of 50 x 76mm.

This vertically adjustable dovetail changer has centering screws for the condenser and an adjustable vertical stop (arrow).

The coarse and fine adjustment, arranged on both sides of the stand, adjustment range 35mm, actuates the object stage. One interval on the fine adjustment corresponds to a vertical difference of 2 µm.

The Lamp Housing 102 Z accepts tungsten halogen lamps, ultra-high-pressure mercury lamps, and high-pressure xenon lamps of up to 100 W. Lamp and mirror are centered separately. The lamp condenser can be horizontally adjusted.

Condenser with dovetail changer, swing-out condenser to holder and supplementary lens. Can be adapted for special purposes with the use of different condenser tops to be screwed into the holder.

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Leitz Dialux 20 trinocular microscope - Specifications

Scope dimensions 9.5”W x 16.25”D x 16.75”H
Light power box dimensions 7”W x 6.36”D x 4”H
Eyepieces 10x

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