Li-Car Odyssey model 9120

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Li-Cor Odyssey model 9120 infrared imaging system

  • 75GB internal storage
  • 8” LCD Touch Screen
  • Sold as is

The Li-Cor Odyssey model 9120 infrared imaging system utilizes direct infrared detection to quantify low abundant proteins, making it ideal for Western blot analyses. The Li-Cor Odyssey 9120 eliminates background fluorescence from samples resulting in clear and sharp bands.

Two solid state diode lasers simultaneously provide light excitation at 685 and 785 nm. Collimating lenses, optical bandpass filters, and a focusing lens focus and tune the laser beams to produce an excitation spot on the scanning surface. The microscope electronics then modulate the laser beams to discriminate the infrared (IR) dye signal fluorescence from background fluorescence. The scanner detection optics focus on the excitation spot and collect light from the fluorescing IR dyes. After collection by the microscope objective, the light is passed to a dichroic mirror. The mirror splits the light and essentially sorts the fluorescent signals by transmitting the light above 810 nm and reflecting light below 750 nm. Transmitted and reflected light travels two independent paths through optics designed to remove scattered and stray light. The light is ultimately focused onto one of two avalanche photodiodes that converts the light to an electrical signal for processing by the microscope detection electronics.

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