Miele G7882CD glassware washer

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Meile Free-standing Glassware Washer

  • Model G 7882 CD
  • 10 selectable programs
  • Timer from 1 to 99 minutes
  • 90-day warranty

The Miele G 7882 CD is a glassware washer-disinfector with integrated hot air-drying unit and drawer for 2 liquid agent containers. It was designed for processing instruments in laboratories, surgical practices and clinics. It features a 4-fold filter system with flat filter, coarse filter, glass shard filter and micro-fine filter; double skinned construction with insulation for low noise emissions; flowmeter counter for control of water intake; electric door lock; program failure check; visual and audible signal at program end; 2 spare sensors for temperature monitoring and control; and a sensor port for easy positioning of probes in wash cabinet for validation.

The G 7882 CD also has a Multitronic NOVO PLUS controls system with 10 standard cleaning and disinfecting programs, selectable via rotary dial. The programs are SPECIAL 93°C -10', SPECIAL AN 93°C -10', vario TD, vario TD AN, combi CHEM 60°C-5', CHEM 60°c-5', Universal, A (free program place), B (free program place), Pre-rinse.

Thorough cleaning is provided by a hygienic freshwater system that has a water change after each cleaning phase, 2 spray arms (3rd in the upper basket), selectable spray arm rotation and an injector system for cleaning hollow instruments.

There is an integrated hot air drying unit with its temperature adjustable in 1°C increments: 50-99°C, time adjustable in 1 minute increments: 1-99 minutes, preliminary filter EU4, filtration rate >95%, filter life 100h, particle filter/HEPA filter H13, filtration rate >99.992% (DIN EN 1822), and filter life of 500 hours.

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Meile G 7882 CD Free-standing Glassware Washer - Specifications

External dimensions 35.43”W x 27.56”D x 32.28”H
Circulation 105.7 gal/min
Weight 238 lbs

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