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Nikon Diaphot Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

  • 10x and 20x objectives
  • Phase Contrast ELWD 0.3
  • 90-day warranty

The Nikon Diaphot is a workhorse tissue culture microscope that features optical design for the shortest, most efficient light path. Incorporated as a part of the built-in turret assembly is a focusable Bertrand lens, photomask reticle and dark slide.

The Diaphot microscope is designed for photomicrography, with photographic capability built into the optical system. The optical design utilizes a built-in binocular body, inclined at 45 degrees, and only one reflecting surface in the microscope body to reduce reflections and glare and maximize image contrast.

The Diaphot is equipped with a Siedentopf-design binocular head built onto a die-cast body. A focusing Bertrand Lens is built into the binocular body for fast alignment of the phase annular ring. A dark slide position is incorporated in the turret to cut off stray light from the optical system during time lapse cinemicrography as well as a low-power focusing magnifier for critically sharp photomicrography with the 2x and 4x objectives (not included).

The stage is located slightly below the binocular head, permitting easy access to, and viewing of the specimen area. The coaxial coarse and fine focusing system control the nosepiece, leaving the stage stationary and the specimen exposed for manipulation during observation.

The Diaphot is supplied with a high-efficiency, 12-volt, 50-watt halogen illuminator. The light path could be switched from 100 percent visual to 20 percent visual/80 percent photo with a lever. Another lever selected either the front photo port for the 35-millimeter camera or the side photo port for large-format photomicrography, cinemicrography, and closed-circuit television (CCTV).

With the addition of a Nikon FE or Nikon F3 camera back (not included), the Diaphot is equipped for automatic exposure 35-millimeter photomicrography. The camera attaches directly onto the "F" bayonet mount at the front of the body. Focusing and composition of the photomicrographs is conveniently accomplished through the binocular head. A lever just below the head is utilized to bring the photomask reticle into the optical path, which is then used to bring the image into focus with the film plane.

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