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Thermo Scientific ClearVue Coverslipper

Boost speed and accuracy in busy laboratories by automating the coverslipping workload with the ClearVue Coverslipper from Thermo Scientific. The ClearVue accepts slides from Shandon Varistain Gemini ES, Shandon Varistain 24-4, Sakura DRS 2000, and Leica Auto-Stainer.

Baskets from any of these instruments may be used in a mix-or-match fashion, without requiring adjustments to the coverslipper. The touch-screen panel interface includes software that monitors the type of slide preparation, size and number of slips dispensed, as well as the number of baskets waiting for use. The integrated disc drive can download technical information and perform necessary software updates.

ClearVue offers a smart user-interface from a touch-screen panel making interaction simple. The software monitors the type of slide preparation, size and number of slips dispensed, as well as the number of slide baskets waiting for coverslipping.

Integrated sensors ensure proper slide positioning. To protect slide grippers and the prep area, the mountant is dispensed consistently, avoiding splashes and spills. Every slide is optically recognized during coverslipping to prevent illusions or improper handling. The unit automatically identifies and delivers accurate mountant levels, and can process both histology and cytology samples at the same time without user interaction. Preloaded coverslip hoppers also help to save time, with each hopper dispensing up to 500 slips.

Standard safety features include downdraft ventilation when loading and unloading slide baskets, and a charcoal filter that removes vapors before they're able to escape. The system is non-operational when any of its doors are open, and a battery backup ensures operation completion in the event of power interruption or loss. Removeable debris and purge trays simplify cleanup.

Software monitors the type of slide preparation, size and number of slips dispensed, and the number of baskets waiting to be coverslipped. Simply place a basket of slides onto the load rail and close the door. The ClearVue handles up to 11 slide baskets at the same time with load-on-demand capabilities, and accepts baskets loaded one at a time or up to five baskets loaded together.

The ClearVue automatically recognizes different types of slide preparations and delivers the correct amount of mountant for coverslipping each one. It handles both histology and cytology samples simultaneously without user interaction while still delivering right amount of mountant. With a set of meticulous slide-grippers, ClearVue removes each slide for coverslipping and returns each slide back to the same basket upon completion. If spaces between slides exist, this intuitive coverslipper will maintain proper positioning as when the basket was first loaded.

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Thermo Scientific ClearVue Coverslipper - Specifications

Dimensions 25.43”W x 22.67”D x 19.67”H
Electrical requirements 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz (call to confirm)
Shipping weight 111 lbs

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