Baker Anigard II Animal Transfer Station


The Baker AniGARD II is a vertical flow recirculating clean bench. Unlike most of the other Baker biosafety cabinets we have in our inventory, this unit delivers HEPA filtered air in a vertical down flow within the workspace, protecting only protection for the product in the work area. This protection is generally used to protect animal from contaminants and reduce user exposure to allergens during animal laboratory work.

The Baker AniGARD II AG4 offers visibility and accessibility to the work area from three sides which is beneficial ergonomically while also allowing for more than one user to access the work surface simultaneously to restrain or calm large animals within the enclosure.

The lift system consists of a manual hydraulic jack operated by a crank and allows surface height settings from 36” to 48” from the floor. The unit is set on casters for easy maneuverability.

So if you’re looking for an animal transfer and want to save your lab some money, please give us a call or email today about the used and refurbished Baker AniGARD II in stock at American Instrument Exchange. Thanks!

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