New Autoclaves and Sterilizers from Tuttnauer

New Tuttnauer Autoclave

American Instrument Exchange is proud to partner with Tuttnauer to offer their full range of sterilization and infection control equipment at great prices. Tuttnauer has been a trusted manufacturer of reliable sterilizers for over 90 years. 

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  • Some items are ready to ship immediately
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We Have Two Models Available for Immediate Delivery:

Tuttnauer Model 2450M Autoclave

Item 0584 A-CLAVE - Tuttnauer 2540M Autoclave

MSRP: $7,094.55 - Our price: $5,100.00

  • 23L chamber
  • 4 trays
  • Manufacturer’s warranty

Tuttnauer manual autoclaves will compliment any healthcare facility and satisfy all of your sterilization needs. The bright, new, easy to use panel was designed with the operator in mind. Time tested reliability and durability are built into every Tuttnauer product.

The Tuttnauer features automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles; a long life electro polished Stainless Steel chamber and door; double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized; drain valve is located on the front, allowing for quick and easy draining of water reservoir; dual safety thermostat to protect against overheating; and international certifications.


Tuttnauer 3870EAP Autoclave

Item 0581C A-CLAVE - Tuttnauer Model 3870EAP Class S Autoclave

MSRP: $23,454.55 - Our price: $17,100.00

  • 85L chamber
  • 3 preset sterilization cycles
  • Manufacturer's warranty

The Tuttnauer 3870EAP Class S Autoclave is perfect for multi-practitioner practices, clinics, or surgery centers. The capacity to meet the most demanding offices, The 3870EAP accommodates longer instruments or a large number of small instruments. It is designed with superior productivity in mind, offering monitoring, recover, standard printing, and a wide range of programmable and customizable options for large-capacity operation.

The 3870EAP’s easy-to-use, single touch control system increases productivity and rapid cycles optimize availability of ready-to-use sterile instruments. The closed-door active drying system maintains sterility and ensures drying of packs and pouches. It also features cycle information recovery in case of power failure or cycle interruption, a replaceable HEPA filter, three pre-set sterilization programs that allow you to program and customize cycle parameters, and a water level detector that shuts off the autoclave automatically when an insufficient level is present.

The Tuttnauer 3870EAP has a built-in printer for cycle documentation of date and time, temperature, pressure, and system messages and alerts.

Medical and Dental Autoclaves Include:

Tuttnauer's Medical and Dental Autoclaves
  • Hospital autoclaves
  • Tabletop autoclaves
  • Washer-disinfectors
  • Plasma sterilizers
  • Drying cabinets
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Incubators
  • Water distillers

Maintain a healthy, clean and sterile environment with autoclave sterilization and low temp sterilizers. As a global leader in sterilization and infection control, Tuttnauer provides autoclaves that satisfy the needs of any hospital operating room, central sterile services department, medical clinic, or dental practice.

In a hospital, the efficient sterilization and timely distribution of reusable equipment is critical. Tuttnauer is committed to maximizing patient and staff safety by minimizing turnaround time and the risk of healthcare associated infections.

Laboratory and Research Sterilizers Include: 

Tuttnauer's Laboratory and Research Sterilizers
  • Benchtop autoclaves
  • Vertical autoclaves
  • Horizontal autoclaves
  • BSL 3 / 4 autoclaves
  • Glassware washers

Meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and performance, Tuttnauer's advanced laboratory autoclaves are trusted by life science labs and research institutes throughout the world.

Tuttnauer provides laboratory autoclaves with advanced cycle programs and features designed to satisfy the sterilization needs of microbiology, biopharma, food, chemical and other life science laboratories.

Biohazard autoclaves meet Bio-Safety Level (BSL) requirements for BSL3 and BSL4 facilities and feature double door pass-through configurations ensuring a hermetically sealed barrier between differently qualified risk level zones. Safe disposal of all effluent and gases from the contaminated area, backup safety systems, eliminate the threat posed by harmful pathogens and other contaminated materials.

Life Science autoclaves address sterilization requirements for laboratory research equipment used with animals, preventing cross-transmission, exposure to microorganisms in excrement and biological fluids, and pheromones from one research subject to another. Research data validity and reproducibility are maintained while ensuring a safe environment for humans.

Veterinary Autoclaves

Tuttnauer's Veterinary Autoclaves

Tuttnauer’s veterinary tabletop autoclaves provide excellent sterilization and extra chamber capacity. They save space, time, and money with fast cycles, convenient closed-door drying, and 30% extra tray capacity. If you are opening a new veterinary practice or just looking for a budget friendly autoclave, then see Tuttnauer’s good value-for-money solutions that meet your needs.

    In a busy veterinary facility, where you often work under pressure, maximize your workflow with Class B autoclaves. Reduce the time it takes to operate an autoclave and sterilize your equipment, to provide quick care for animals.

    Other Available Autoclaves

    Other Tuttnauer Autoclaves

    We can provide the full line of Tuttnauer autoclaves, including:

    • Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave
    • Tuttnauer 2340M
    • Tuttnauer 2340MK
    • Tuttnauer 2540
    • Tuttnauer 2540E
    • Tuttnauer 2540MK
    • Tuttnauer 3870EA
    • Tuttnauer 3870M
    • Tuttnauer Elara 11
    • Tuttnauer EZ9
    • Tuttnauer EZ10
    • Tuttnauer EZ11


    Regardless of which setting you’re in, Tuttenauer makes the right sterilizer for you. Their state-of-the-art sterilization technologies are designed to deliver quality without compromise. Tuttnauer invests its full energies and resources in one area of expertise – sterilization and infection control. From their start, in 1925, they have worked on large-scale joint projects with leading research institutes and universities. This cooperation allows them to remain at the forefront of their field, developing and integrating the most advanced methods and technologies for maintaining safe and clean working environments.

    All of the equipment shown on our website is in stock and available. Orders ship from our 30,000 square foot warehouse in Haverhill, MA. Our surplus lab equipment is reconditioned for many types of laboratories, including biotech, biomedical, medical research, chemical, pharmaceutical, and university and hospital research laboratories. We have been a reliable source for used laboratory and scientific equipment since 1969.

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